Community Policing Development (CPD) – Microgrants

Community Policing Development (CPD) – Microgrants – CPD is a competitive grant program designed to advance the practice of community policing by providing guidance on promising practices through the development and testing of innovative strategies; building knowledge about effective practices and outcomes; and supporting new, creative approaches to preventing crime and promoting safe communities. Under the CPD – Microgrants solicitation, local, state, tribal, and territorial law enforcement agencies may propose demonstration or pilot projects that offer creative ideas to advance crime fighting, community engagement, problem solving, or organizational changes to support community policing in one of the following areas: officer recruitment, retention, and workforce diversification; underserved populations; building trust and legitimacy with the community; hate crimes and domestic terrorism; and community violence intervention. Approximately $5 million is available for this program. Applications are due by May 08, 2023 at 4:59 PM ET.

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