OVC FY 2017 Developing Future Victim Specialists for Indian Country

ovc-colorOVC FY 2017 Developing Future Victim Specialists for Indian Country – The goal of this project is to begin building a pipeline of victim service professionals that will serve American Indian /Alaska Native victims in locations that are often remote and where positions are often hard to fill. This program will work to identify students in relevant disciplines (e.g., sociology, social work, psychology, etc.) to serve in victim service positions either at BIA or in tribally based victim service programs. Eligible applicants will include tribal colleges and universities (individually or as a consortium), non-tribal colleges and universities that are located close to American Indian/Alaska Native communities, or any other organization with connections to both tribes and educational institutions that educate students pursuing degrees in fields relevant to victim services. It will be up to the applicant to create and propose a program including structural and administrative make-up. However, the applicant will identify students interested in serving in victim service positions in Indian Country or Alaska Native locations, handle the administrative aspects of the project (including setting internship requirements, addressing privacy issues associated with students interning in direct service positions etc.), and work directly with either BIA or a local tribally based victim service program to place students in internship or practicum experiences for credit or pay. Current Closing Date for Applications: August 09, 2017.