Tribal Law & Policy Institute DV Courts/Dockets Needs Assessment

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute is currently conducting a needs assessment to learn more about the issues and barriers tribes face in developing and implementing domestic violence courts and/or dockets.

Tribal Domestic Violence Courts provide culturally literate, domestic violence-trained court personnel, a holistic, community approach to victim services, case continuity and a commitment to batterer accountability.

Tribal Domestic Violence Dockets set aside specific days of the tribal court’s docket to address cases involving domestic violence. Devoting certain days of the docket to domestic violence cases allows some continuity for the victim, and allows the tribal court to address related civil and criminal matters on the same day.

The needs assessment can be accessed online at:

For more information, see: Tribal Domestic Violence/Courts Dockets.

Or contact:
Chia Halpern Beetso
(323) 650-5467 or

Please note that three light pens (see picture below) will be sent to the teams submitting completed needs assessments by March 15, 2017.