Technical Assistance to Tribal Communities Addressing Brownfields

epalogoTechnical Assistance to Tribal Communities Addressing Brownfields – The EPA’s Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization (OBLR) is soliciting proposals from eligible entities to provide technical assistance to increase the capacity of tribal governments to build sustainable brownfield programs and to establish, manage, and administer tribal CERCLA 128(a) response programs. Generally Tribal Response Programs address brownfields on tribal lands, minimize the actual and perceived health risks associated with contamination from brownfield properties, and strengthen partnerships between tribal entities, governmental, and non-governmental organizations engaged in brownfields redevelopment. The EPA is looking for Current proposals that directly benefit tribal governments in supporting them as they build sustainable brownfield programs, and establish and enhance their Tribal Response Programs by conducting and overseeing brownfields assessment and cleanup. Closing Date for Applications: October 31, 2016.