Indian Land Tenure Foundation Accepting Proposals for Legal Reform Projects

The Indian Land Tenure Foundation is accepting proposals for projects aligned with its Legal Reform program efforts.

Grants will be awarded in the areas estate planning and probate, federal land transfers, landowner association development, legal land issue reform, and tribe-hosted information sessions for local, state, and federal governments.

1) Estate Planning and Probate: ILTF supports estate and land use planning initiatives that address the growing problem of fractionated ownership on reservations throughout Indian Country, including projects that address the probate process, land consolidation, will writing, gift conveyance, rights of way, leasing, and other land ownership and management issues.

2) Federal Land Transfers: ILTF supports initiatives designed to transfer lands that hold cultural, economic or political interest back into Indian ownership and control, including lands identified for transfer or disposal as federally-owned excess and surplus land.

3) Landowner Association Development: Development of a landowner association makes it easier for tribal members to obtain the information necessary to make informed decisions concerning consolidation, leasing, estate planning, or other uses of their allotted lands.

4) Legal Land Issue Reform: Through this program, ILTF supports innovative projects that address issues surrounding laws and policies at the tribal, state, or federal level of government which prevent Indian people and nations from owning and controlling their Native lands.

5) Tribe-Hosted Information Sessions for Local, State and Federal Governments: The foundation supports Indian nations interested in hosting gatherings of local-, state-, or federal-elected leaders for discussions centered on Indian land tenure issues, with the goals of improving or enhancing tribal sovereignty, promoting advocacy, and making substantive progress toward resolving misunderstandings and conflicts.

In previous years, ILTF has awarded grants ranging between $3,000 and $38,000 through the Legal Reform program.

Tribal, local, or state governments as well as nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (including educational institutions) are eligible to apply.