OVC FY 2016 Fellowship Program

ovc-colorOVC FY 2016 Fellowship Program – In May 2013, OVC released the Vision 21: Transforming Victim Services Final Report. The Vision 21 initiative was the first comprehensive assessment of the field in nearly 15 years. This solicitation seeks fellowship proposals that further the goals of Vision 21 by supporting OVC’s efforts to provide training, technical assistance, capacity building, assessment, or strategic planning. Through these cooperative agreements, OVC will make grants to individuals to work with OVC in the below purpose areas to enhance and transform services for victims of crime, reach and serve more crime victims and address gaps in the crime victims’ field. OVC invites applications that address one of the ten purpose areas identified below: Purpose Area 1: Human Trafficking Task Forces Fellowship Purpose Area 2: Human Trafficking Survivor-Informed Services Fellowship Purpose Area 3: Mass Violence and Terrorism Fellowship Purpose Area 4: Post-Conviction Victim Services Fellowship Purpose Area 5: Underserved Victims of Sexual Assault Fellowship Purpose Area 6: Victim Services in Law Enforcement and Prosecution Purpose Area 7: Services for Male Victims Purpose Area 8: Model Standards for Victim Assistance Purpose Area 9: Child Sexual Exploitation. Current Closing Date for Applications: July 11, 2016.