NCAI Action Alert: Urge Senators to Support the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act!

Yesterday, Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) filed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would add S. 248 – the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act to this must-pass funding legislation.

The Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act is a simple amendment to the National Labor Relations Act which will include tribal governments in the same exempt category as all other governments. Tribes are simply seeking parity as governments and the right to regulate labor issues on terms that protect the tribal government. The House of Representatives passed its version of the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act, H.R. 511, in November 2015.

This Amendment is expected to be voted on in the Senate next week and we are very close to getting the number of Senators necessary to pass it.

 We need you to call your Senators to urge them to stand up for tribal sovereignty and support the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act amendment in the NDAA. The time to act is now! 

Talking Points on Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act:

  • This is about governmental parity. The Amendment will recognize tribal governments’ right to regulate labor and employment issues, the same as the federal government and all state governments.
  • Indian Country is completely united in its support of the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act.
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