Native Hawaiian and American Indian Non-Profit Organization Child Care Grants

hhslogoNative Hawaiian and American Indian Non-Profit Organization Child Care Grants – This funding opportunity provides funds from the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) to increase the availability, affordability, and quality of child care programs in geographic areas/localities, which have been previously underserved and/or have unmet needs. Funding is available for up to two child care program grants: one serving Native Hawaiian youth; and one serving Native Hawaiian and/or American Indian youth from Federally recognized Indian Tribes. The funding will support child care services to eligible children, which must be under the age of 13 and reside with a family whose income does not exceed 85 percent of the State Median Income (or Tribal Median Income) for a family of the same size and whose parent(s) are working or attending a job training or educational program or who receive or need to receive protective services. Although construction/major renovation of child care facilities is allowable, these grants are designed to operate child care programs. Applicants must reserve adequate funds to provide direct child care services in each budget year and demonstrate the funds requested are reasonable in regard to the number of eligible children to be served. Grant funds cannot be spent for construction/ major renovation until a grantee has applied for and received approval from HHS, through a separate application process, after it has been awarded a grant under this funding opportunity. Grantees under this funding opportunity will be required to comply with the same requirements as grantees receiving Tribal formula grants under the CCDF program. Unless otherwise indicated, the regulations at 45 CFR Parts 98 and 99 will apply. To assist with preparing an application for this funding opportunity, applicants should review the CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint. The Tribal Plan Preprint is available at: This funding opportunity is a 36-month project with three 12-month budget periods. Current Closing Date for Applications: June 22, 2016.