FY 2017 Child Passenger Safety Seat Program

FY 2017 Child Passenger Safety Seat Program – The Highway Safety Act of 1966, U.S.C. Title 23, Section 402, provides U.S. Department of Transportation funding to assist Indian tribes in implementing traffic safety projects. These projects are designed to reduce the high number of traffic crashes and their resulting fatalities, injuries and property damage within Indian communities. There is one (1) fill-in-the blank Child Passenger Safety Seat Program application contained on the CD. Fill out and submit the application. Complete the application in its entirety. The BIA Indian Highway Safety Program is performance-based and data driven. The Tribe’s need of a Child Passenger Safety Seat Program must be identified in the application. The application must contain measurable targets and performance measures and be justified by data. Insufficient data to justify a need for child passenger safety seat program will significantly reduce the possibility of funding for the Tribe. These 402 funds are intended to supplement an existing traffic safety program on the reservation. E-mail any questions you may have to: ojs_indian_highway_safety@bia.gov.