Office of Tribal Self-Governance Negotiation Cooperative Agreement

hhslogoOffice of Tribal Self-Governance Negotiation Cooperative Agreement – The purpose of this Negotiation Cooperative Agreement is to provide Tribes with resources to help defray costs related to preparing for and conducting Tribal Self-Governance Program (TSGP) negotiations. TSGP negotiations are a dynamic, evolving, and Tribally-driven process that requires careful planning and preparation by both Tribal and Federal parties, including the sharing of precise, up-to-date information. The design of the negotiations process: 1) enables a Tribe to set its own priorities when assuming responsibility for Indian Health Service (IHS) Programs, Services, Functions and Activities (PSFAs), 2) observes the government-to-government relationship between the United States and each Tribe, and 3) involves the active participation of both Tribal and IHS representatives, including the Office of Tribal Self-Governance (OTSG). Because each Tribal situation is unique, a Tribe’s successful transition into the TSGP, or expansion of their current program, requires focused discussions between the Federal and Tribal negotiation teams about the Tribe’s specific health care concerns and plans. The negotiations process has four major stages, including: 1) planning, 2) pre-negotiations, 3) negotiations, and 4) post-negotiations. Title V of the ISDEAA requires that a Tribe or Tribal organization complete a planning phase to the satisfaction of the Tribe. The planning phase must include legal and budgetary research and internal Tribal government planning and organizational preparation relating to the administration of health care programs. During pre-negotiations, the Tribal and Federal negotiation teams review and discuss issues identified during the planning phase. A draft compact, funding agreement, and funding tables are developed, typically by the Tribe, and distributed to both the Tribal and Federal negotiation teams. These draft documents are used as the basis for pre- and final negotiations. Current Closing Date for Applications: June 03, 2016.