Drug-Free Communities Mentoring Program

hhslogoDrug-Free Communities Mentoring Program – The primary goal of the DFC Mentoring Program is to assist newly forming coalitions in becoming eligible to apply for DFC funding on their own. It is the intent of the DFC Mentoring Program that, at the end of the Mentoring grant, each Mentee coalition will meet all of the Statutory Eligibility Requirements of the DFC Support Program and be fully prepared to compete for the DFC grant on their own. Grantees will be expected to achieve this goal by meeting the following objectives: 1. Strengthen Mentee coalition’s organizational structure. 2. Increase Mentee coalition’s leadership and community readiness to address youth substance use problems in the Mentee community. 3. Assist the Mentee coalition in working through a strategic planning process that will result in a comprehensive Action Plan. Current Closing Date for Applications: May 16, 2016.