ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress we need the VOCA funds!

After passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, House and Senate Appropriators are speedily rewriting the spending bills. We are hearing that VOCA spending may be cut from last year’s $2.36 billion to $1.2 billion for FY 2016, in part because members of Congress “don’t think states can spend the money!”

Call or email your members of Congress IMMEDIATELY!

Let them know:

  1. What last year’s VOCA increase has meant to victims in your program, your community, and your state. Are new services offered or planned? Gaps being filled? Organizations collaborating to reach those previously underserved?
  2. What a cut would mean to your program, your community, and your state.

ASK THEM to speak to leadership and the members of the appropriations committees to stress the importance of keeping the VOCA cap high.

To reach your Representative and Senator:

Find your Senators and Representative; enter your full nine-digit zip code for the best results.  You will be taken to their contact info, including phone number.  Tell them you are a constituent!

You can also call the Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121. Choose Representative and then enter your zip code to be transferred. When you are done leaving a message for your Representative, call back and follow the same process to leave messages for your Senators.

If you would like more information about national organizations working together to stop this cut, read our letters to House and Senate Appropriators.

The National Center for Victims of Crime appreciates all that you do to support victims of crime.  Let’s join together on this important issue to maintain VOCA disbursements at FY 2015 levels!