BJA FY 2015 Technology Innovation for Public Safety (TIPS)

BJA FY 2015 Technology Innovation for Public Safety (TIPS) – While many jurisdictions are making significant progress implementing justice information-sharing solutions to address critical gaps in coordinating crime prevention across organizations and jurisdictions, there remain significant challenges that inhibit the ability of the criminal justice system to respond to threats to public safety, especially when it comes to stemming violent crime and homicide. For this solicitation, justice information-sharing technology refers to any technology (hardware and/or software, hosted residentially or remotely) that plays a role in the collection, storage, sharing, and analysis of criminal justice data. Funding under this program is provided to assist state, local, and tribal jurisdictions in enhancing their information-sharing capacity through the use of innovative technological solutions such that they may more effectively address disproportional and precipitous increases in crime. The goals of the funding program include: 1. Promoting information sharing and collaboration within and among criminal justice agencies that have a role in preventing and investigating crime. 2. Developing and enhancing policies and practices that leverage technology to promote public safety and reduce crime. 3. Supporting implementation of information-sharing solutions at the local, regional, state, tribal, and national levels that have a measureable positive impact on the crime trends identified by the applying jurisdiction. 4. Improving the quantity and quality of evidence-based justice information-sharing programs. Current Closing Date for Applications: July 02, 2015.