Tribal Management Grant Program

Tribal Management Grant Program – The purpose of this Indian Health Service (IHS) grant announcement is to announce the availability of the Tribal Management Grant (TMG) Program to enhance and develop health management infrastructure and assist Federally-recognized Indian Tribes and Tribal Organizations (T/TO) in assuming all or part of existing IHS programs, functions, services and activities (PSFA) through a Title I contract and assist established Title I contractors and Title V compactors to further develop and improve their management capability. In addition, TMGs are available to T/TO under the authority of 25 U.S.C. § 450h(e) for: (1) obtaining technical assistance from providers designated by the T/TO (including T/TO that operate mature contracts) for the purposes of program planning and evaluation, including the development of any management systems necessary for contract management and the development of cost allocation plans for indirect cost rates; and (2) planning, designing, monitoring, and evaluation of Federal programs serving the T/TO, including Federal administrative functions. Current Closing Date for Applications: June 03, 2015.