BJA FY 2015 Visiting Fellows Program

BJA FY 2015 Visiting Fellows Program – Eligible applicants are limited to individuals, as well as state, tribal, or local government, organizations, or academic institutions seeking to provide federal-level experience for one of its staff members. Organizations seeking to place their employee as a Fellow under this program will not have programmatic oversight of the staff person for those activities conducted as part of the fellowship. For-profit organizations must agree to forgo any profit or management fee. Eligible applicants for the Second Chance Act Fellow position are limited to individuals who have formerly been incarcerated. All persons serving in the fellowship positions must be U.S. citizens at the time of application. The prospective Fellow should have all of the expertise needed to conduct the proposed activities in the fellowship, including at least 5 years of criminal justice expertise in the relevant area of practice or research, working in a policy or applied criminal justice setting (such as a criminal justice agency (law enforcement, criminal courts, prosecutor, corrections, or partner agency such as a social service provider), or an agency or office with responsibility for criminal justice and public policy (such as a governor’s office, mayor’s office, or other important policy setting pertinent to criminal justice). Researchers should apply only if they have expertise and specific skills in developing models and applied research tools for the field, implementation of evidence-based practices, and collection and analysis of data and performance management. Applicants must demonstrate the administrative capacity, particularly fiscal administrative capacity, to manage an agreement or award, as well as the knowledge and skills to successfully execute the proposed fellowship activities. Eligibility will be determined only after a review of a complete, submitted application. Current Closing Date for Applications: April 02, 2015.