National Indian Health Outreach and Education II

National Indian Health Outreach and Education II – The purpose of these cooperative agreements is to further Indian Health Service (IHS) health program objectives in the AI/AN community with expanded outreach and education efforts for the Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Intervention (MSPI)/Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative (DVPI) and HIV/AIDS programs on a national scale and in the interest of improving Indian health care. This announcement includes two separate awards, each of which will be awarded as noted below. The purpose of the MSPI/DVPI award is to further the goals of the national MSPI and national DVPI programs. The MSPI is a national demonstration project aimed at addressing the dual problems of methamphetamine use and suicide in Indian Country. The MSPI supports the use and development of evidence-based and practice-based models which are culturally appropriate prevention and treatment approaches to methamphetamine abuse and suicide in a community driven context. The six goals of the MSPI are to effectively prevent, reduce, or delay the use and/or spread of methamphetamine abuse; build on the foundation of prior methamphetamine and suicide prevention and treatment efforts in order to support the IHS, Tribes, and urban Indian health organizations in developing and implementing Tribal and/or culturally appropriate methamphetamine and suicide prevention and early intervention strategies; increasing access to methamphetamine and suicide prevention services; improving services for behavioral health issues associated with methamphetamine use and suicide prevention; promoting the development of new and promising services that are culturally and community relevant; and demonstrating efficacy and impact. The DVPI is a nationally coordinated community-driven initiative that includes a total of 65 awarded projects. The DVPI promotes the development and implementation of evidence-based and practice-based models of domestic violence prevention that are also culturally competent. The goals of the DVPI are to: support national and local efforts by the IHS, Tribes, and urban Indian health programs to address domestic and sexual violence (DSV) within AI/AN communities; promote the development and enhancement of culturally appropriate evidence-based and practice-based prevention, treatment, and educational models addressing DSV within AI/AN communities; coordinate services and provide resources for communities to respond to local DSV crises; and increase access to domestic violence prevention, sexual assault prevention, or treatment services for survivors and their families. Current Closing Date for Applications: September 06, 2014.