Office of Tribal Self-Governance Program Planning Cooperative Agreement

Office of Tribal Self-Governance Program Planning Cooperative Agreement – The purpose of this Planning Cooperative Agreement is to provide resources to Tribes interested in entering the TSGP and to existing Self-Governance Tribes interested in assuming new or expanded PSFAs. Title V of the ISDEAA requires a Tribe or Tribal organization to complete a planning phase to the satisfaction of the Tribe. The planning phase must include legal and budgetary research and internal Tribal government planning and organization preparation relating to the administration of health care programs. See 25 U.S.C. 458aaa-2(d). The planning phase helps Tribes make informed decisions about which PSFAs to assume and what organizational changes or modifications are necessary to successfully support those PSFAs. A thorough planning phase improves timeliness and efficiency of negotiations and ensures that the Tribe is fully prepared to assume the transfer of IHS PSFAs to the Tribal health program. A Planning Cooperative Agreement is not a prerequisite to enter the TSGP and a Tribe may use other resources to meet the planning requirements. Tribes that receive a Planning Cooperative Agreement are not obligated to participate in the TSGP and may choose to delay or decline participation based on the outcome of their planning activities. This also applies to existing Self-Governance Tribes exploring the option to expand their current PSFAs or assume additional PSFAs. Current Closing Date for Applications: August 29, 2014.