Tribal Child Support Innovation Grants: Building Family-Centered Services

Tribal Child Support Innovation Grants: Building Family-Centered Services – The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) will make awards under the Tribal Innovation Grant (TIG) program to eligible tribal IV-D agencies to improve their capacity to administer innovative, family-centered child support services that help parents provide reliable support for their children as they grow up. This includes strategies such as early intervention, establishing and maintaining realistic child support orders, reducing unmanageable child support debt, promoting noncustodial parents’ positive engagement in the lives of their children, increasing noncustodial parent employment and family economic stability, improving family relationships, promoting children’s health, collaborating to reduce family violence, and preventing the need for child support services in the first place. Collaborations with state IV-D agencies will also be considered, as well as other programmatic and operational innovations. Please note that this synopsis has been updated to indicate that OCSE expects to make TIG awards in fiscal year 2014, rather than 2013 as was previously forecasted. Current Closing Date for Applications: August 12, 2014.