HHFKA Demonstration Projects to End Childhood Hunger FY 2015

HHFKA Demonstration Projects to End Childhood Hunger FY 2015 – Funding The RFA is for a new, one-time initiative. Approximately $30 million will be awarded for up to five demonstration projects in the form of cooperative agreements between USDA-FNS and grantees. The remaining funds will be used for independent evaluations of each project. Depending on the nature of the proposals submitted, up to five (5) applicants may be awarded grants, with no single project exceeding $10,000,000. Applicants that commit matching resources, including in-kind resources, to the project will receive competitive priority. The cooperative agreements will provide for an implementation phase of up to 12 months and the demonstration projects will operate for at least 12 months, but no more than 24 months.Limitation on Number of Applications Each Applicant Can SubmitFNS will consider only one application from each State, U.S. Territory, District of Columbia or Indian Tribal Organization (ITO). FNS will consider applications from both a State and an ITO with different proposed project sites in the same State. Current Closing Date for Applications: July 07, 2014.