Grants to Develop and Expand Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaboratives

Grants to Develop and Expand Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaboratives – SAMHSA is restricting eligibility to operational individual misdemeanor or felony adult criminal courts, municipal courts, or tribal/state or local governmental proxies who may apply on their behalf. Therefore, units of tribal/state/local government such as the Tribal Court Administrator, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Single State Agency for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, the State Mental Health Agency, the designated State Drug Court Coordinator, or local governmental unit such as the county or city agency with direct involvement with the identified adult criminal court may apply on behalf of the collaborative. When the state, tribal, or local unit of government is the applicant, all awarded grant funds must be dedicated to the local BHTCC with the exception of a small set aside, not to exceed two percent of the total award, that is permissible to cover the costs of administration and oversight of the grant. The BHTCC must contain an operational municipal court. The applicant must include a letter from the presiding judicial officer of the Municipal Court indicating their agreement to participate in the collaborative. If this letter is not included in Attachment 6 your application will be screened out and not submitted for review. “Operational” is defined as a judge designated to a court with a docket of specific cases and seeing defendants on a regular and recurring basis for at least one year prior to the submission of the grant application. By signing the application form SF-424 the applicant certifies that the applicant court meets the definition of an “operational’ court. This grant program is intended to link existing courts and community entities for a BHTCC. Funds cannot be used for start of new courts or the operation and maintenance of existing courts. If the Collaborative includes other courts, court diversion processes, or justice programs that are planned but not already in place, include in Attachment 6 of your application documentation that funding has been secured for the this program. SAMHSA is limiting eligibility to best enable diversion from the criminal justice system for those individuals with behavioral health conditions. Through the collaborative supported by this program, these courts provide multiple entry points for this population. These types of courts are best suited to develop networks to offer appropriate treatment to interrupt the cycle of incarceration and recidivism. The statutory authority for this program prohibits grants to for-profit agencies. Current Closing Date for Applications: April 18, 2014.