Senate Confirmation Hearing For Special Trustee For American Indians

The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has set Wednesday, December 11, 2013 for the Confirmation Hearing to appoint Vince Logan (Osage) as the next Special Trustee for American Indians.

In 1994, the American Indian Trust Fund Management Reform Act established the Office of Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) to improve the management of the Native American fiduciary trust in the Department of the Interior (DOI). OST manages Native American beneficiaries’ financial assets and is responsible for coordinating reform efforts to improve trust asset management and beneficiary services throughout DOI.

The Office of Special Trustee for American Indians is responsible for:

  • Financial management of the fiduciary trust—including collection of trust funds, accounting, investing and disbursing trust funds to individual and tribal beneficiaries;
  • Appraisals of real property—providing impartial estimates of value for a variety of specific real property interests on land owned in trust or restricted status; and
  • Services provided to trust beneficiaries—coordinating reform efforts to improve overall trust asset management and beneficiary services throughout DOI.

Former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar praised President Obama’s nomination of Logan as Special Trustee.

“Vincent Logan has been a part of the fabric of Indian Country for many years as an investment professional, mentor for Native American attorneys and founding member of the Native American Bar Association of Washington, D.C.,” Salazar said in a news release. “His asset management expertise, legal experience and extensive network of professional relationships in Indian Country will well serve the Office of Special Trustee as we work to build a stronger and more responsive trust asset management system for the Nation’s First Americans.”

The Senate confirmation hearing will be broadcast on the internet and can be viewed HERE.