NAICJA is soliciting nominations for three NAICJA awards

The National American Indian Court Judges Association (NAICJA) Board of Directors is soliciting nominations for three NAICJA awards: the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Judicial Excellence Award, and the Outstanding Service Award. The award criteria are detailed below.

Please use the 2013 NAICJA Award Nomination form. Nominations close: August 30, 2013. The awards will be announced and presented at the 44th National Tribal Judicial and Court Clerks Conference on October 9-11, 2013 at the Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa, Cabazon, CA. For more conference information see:

Established in 1969, NAICJA is non-profit membership organization of present and former tribal court judges, court personnel and other tribal justice system supporters from approximately 300 tribal courts throughout the United States. NAICJA provides support, continuing education and technical assistance to tribal justice systems and seeks to further public knowledge and understanding of tribal courts.

The NAICJA Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to honor a tribal court judge, peacemaker or other tribal system adjudicator of disputes who has worked in the tribal justice field for at least twenty (20) years as a judge, peacemaker or other adjudicator of disputes and who demonstrates the following:

  • Be in good standing and held in high esteem in his or her profession
  • Demonstrates outstanding qualities of judicial excellence, including integrity, fairness, knowledge of tribal law, traditions and customs, creativity, sound judgment, intellectual courage and decisiveness.
  • Has freely shared his or her knowledge and experience to support tribal justice systems and/or to educate the public about tribal justice systems
  • Has made a significant contribution to support and advance tribal jurisprudence through adjudications, peacemaking, writing, teaching or advocacy on behalf of tribal justice systems

The NAICJA Judicial Excellence Award is awarded to honor a tribal court judge, peacemaker or other tribal system adjudicator of disputes who demonstrates the following qualities:

  • Five (5) years of experience serving in a tribal justice system
  • Efficiently, expeditiously and objectively handles cases and dockets
  • Exhibits fidelity to tribal law, values, traditions and customs
  • Takes innovative steps to address a variety of issues affecting the community
  • Explains the law in terms understood by everyone in the courtroom
  • Exemplifies the highest standards of judicial ethics and excellence throughout his or her career
  • Respected by and has the confidence of the judiciary, bar, litigants, court personnel and community members.

The NAICJA Outstanding Service Award is awarded to honor a NAICJA Active, Associate or Supporting Member who has accomplished the following:

  • Contributed to the sustainability and enhancement of NAICJA
  • Recruited new NAICJA members
  • Developed a positive rapport between NAICJA, other judicial or American Indian/Alaska Native organizations, or state and federal entities
  • Develops significant outside relationships beneficial to NAICJA
  • Promotes NAICJA’s mission and goals

Download the 2013 NAICJA Award Nomination Form