OVW FY 2013 Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions Program

OVW FY 2013 Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions Program – The Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions Program (Tribal Coalitions Program) assists nonprofit organizations to build Indian leadership and capacity in tribal communities to advocate for systemic change that will enhance the safety of women in an Indian Tribe. Tribal Coalition nonprofit organizations have accomplished this through technical assistance, expanding the capacity of the tribal coalitions, developing or enhancing appropriate standards for tribal governments, tribal nonprofit organizations , tribal organizations , victim services and victim service providers to increase the ability of these entities to address sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.In the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2000 (VAWA 2000), Congress first authorized resources for the development and operation of nonprofit, nongovernmental tribal domestic violence and sexual assault coalitions. Today, there are 19 established Tribal Coalitions. These Tribal Coalitions are made up of members from tribal sexual assault and domestic violence programs, as well as individual women and men who are committed to ending violence against Indian women in their tribal communities. NOTE: In Fiscal Year 2013, OVW will combine the funding and application process for two discretionary grant programs into one solicitation: (1) Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions Program, and (2) Sexual Assault Services Program, as previously combined in Fiscal Years 2009, 2010, and 2012. For additional information on the Tribal Coalitions Program including what past Tribal Coalitions Program grantees have accomplished with their grant funds and to view the Tribal Coalitions Program performance measures, see http://muskie.usm.maine.edu/vawamei/tribalcoalitionsmain.htm. Current Closing Date for Applications: April 25, 2013.