OJJDP FY 2012 Local Mentoring Coordinator Program

OJJDP FY 2012 Local Mentoring Coordinator Program – OJJDP supports wide-ranging mentoring initiatives to reduce juvenile delinquency, gang involvement, academic failure, victimization, and school dropout rates. While mentoring is traditionally a volunteer-based service, a need exists for staff and resources to support the efforts of each mentoring program. Developing and maintaining mentoring partnerships and collaboratives can build capacity and increase the power of mentoring to benefit more young people. Local mentoring partnerships and collaboratives can bring together public and private sector leadership, eliminate duplication of efforts, fill service gaps, and offer centralized services. The successful award recipient will fund a coordinator position to support a local continuum of mentoring services for targeted youth. This program is authorized by the Department of Justice Appropriations Act, 2012, Pub. L. No. 112-55, 125 Stat. 552, 617.

Eligible applicants are limited to units of local government (including federally recognized tribal governments, as determined by the Secretary of the Interior), nonprofit and for-profit organizations (including tribal nonprofit and for-profit organizations), and institutions of higher education (including tribal institutions of higher education). For-profit organizations must agree to forgo any profit or management fee. OJJDP will accept only applications that demonstrate that the applicant has entered into a partnership with two or more mentoring organizations. Applicants must provide a memorandum of agreement/understanding between parties involved in the partnership. One member organization within the collaborative or unit of government must be clearly indicated as the primary applicant (for correspondence, award, and management purposes) and the others listed as co-applicants. The applicant organization will represent the collaborative and will serve as the fiscal agent for the funds to support the coordinator position. All partner mentoring organizations who propose to provide direct services to youth must not include youth who are age 18 or older in the population they will serve. OJJDP may elect to make awards in future fiscal years for applications submitted under this solicitation, dependent on the merit of the applications and the availability of appropriations. Current Closing Date for Applications: May 14, 2012.